Every week Community Spotlight will showcase one of the amazing communities you can find with Thredd. Today’s post is about r/GameDev, a group dedicated to “All things related to game development.” Their discussions span topics such as programming, math, art, music, business, and marketing.

I stumbled across r/GameDev while working on the logo for Thredd. I was using a color-blindness simulator to decide which color palette to go with when I noticed that this site had been mentioned a whopping 31 times!

One of the top posts was titled: “Things We Learned While Designing Our Logo,” which obviously caught my eye. The authors of the post shared some struggles that I could instantly relate with but what I was most curious about was where they had decided to share their post.

This page is the hub that game developers use to share information. You can subscribe to become part of the group!

True to their word, a glance at the r/GameDev site reveals a ton of content that’s highly relevant to anyone interested in a career in games. There are questions from aspiring storytellers, artists, and audio engineers, all with very helpful responses.

Communities like r/GameDev are why I created Thredd so I’m very happy to have crossed paths with this group. Beyond just being a sneak peek of how game development actually works, the group serves as an inspiration to a wide range of people that their hobby could lead to a career.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Community Spotlights!

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