Reddit Gold: “How can you help a friend suffering from depression ?”

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Today’s post is from u/atikin__ who answers the question: “How can you help a friend suffering from depression ?

When I was depressed, I never wanted to hang out with my friends because I thought I was useless. Something a friend did was ask me to go on errands with her. Made it seem like I was doing HER a favor. Things like “can you go to the mall with me to pick out an interview shirt” or “can you help me assemble my dresser” or anything else you can think of. This made me feel needed, and since there was a defined activity, I didn’t have to put my “mask” on.

EDIT: I didn’t mean to discount talking and messaging your friends to let them know you’re there for them! If you find it difficult to get your friend to open up, my way is a good plan C. Plan A is professional treatment, plan B is letting your friend know you’re there.


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