Reddit Gold: “What’s it like, being you?”

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Today’s post is from u/Poem_for_your_sprog who answers the question: “What’s it like, being you?

You dream of jobs and kids, a wife,
And luck in love, and love for life,
And all above,
and even more,
In dreams you’ve always waited for.

You dream of things you’ve hoped were true,
And things you always thought you knew,
And when you do,
You dream each night
Of what could be, and what just might.

But now you think inside your head
That all those thoughts and words unsaid,
And all you’ve always hoped to do –
Perhaps they’re just not made for you.

Well fuck that noise.

They are for you.

As much as yours as others too.

And life is hard,
and life is tough,
But you, my friend –

are good enough.


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