Reddit Gold: A former Buddhist shares how they became a Christian

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Today’s post is from u/DigispaceNomad who shares the story of how they converted from Buddhism to Christianity.

It was a rather uneventful story. I was meditating in my room one night, trying to rid myself of desires, but I kept contemplating nirvana. All of the sudden it hit me: Nirvana, or “the escape of the karmic cycle” is the same thing as heaven. The elimination of desire is similar to the elimination of sin. It started to click that Buddhism is the extent at which man can learn about God on his own without revelation. All the basics are there:

  • Nirvana – Heaven
  • Karma – The “Judgement” system, aka God
  • Reincarnation- Recognition that the soul is eternal

They even say humans are the only ones who can achieve Nirvana, since if you are reborn as a devil you are too distracted by torment and if you’re reborn as a God, you are too distracted by bliss to achieve nirvana.

One of the main problems I had with it was to “achieve nirvana” someone had to be almost non-human. You would have to do almost nothing but meditate for years on end. It’s not as if everyone can do this all the time and society still function. And why should some people become buddist monks and not others? It seemed to ask more from man than most men could handle.

Then I started really considering Jesus’s teaching, started reading scripture, started praying instead of meditating, and I really came to understand God, to an extent. Everything just started falling into place after that, things started to make a lot more sense.
The only thing that was missing from all this was Christ.


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