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Today’s post is from u/krs6670 who supports a fellow Redditor that says she “feels like a bad mom”

First and foremost – give yourself a break. Three year olds are barely human – they’ve figured out what they want but not the how or the why PLUS they know they should have control in their lives but don’t control anything.

Depending on what sets her off there’s different methods.

1 – create a space that is safe for her without you being present or within arms reach. Almost like a giant play pen. So you can at least go to the bathroom

2 – create time for you, even if it’s 10 minutes before she wakes up so you can have coffee and be human

3 – We did Positive Parenting for the most part but my kid was extremely logical. He understood he had to quit playing with his “guys” but didn’t understand the WHY.

WHY things happened drove him bananas so we ended up doing several things

A countdown to when things were changing – ten minutes until it is time to go, 5 minutes to put shoes on, etc

Having races to see who could get their stuff done first

Practice what we are going to do, especially if it was something new. This was a key for him – we practiced everything. Waiting in lines, airports, TSA, the doctor, little league, the library, etc.

It may have only been, Dude we’re going to Target for toilet paper and baby wipes. We are NOT toy shopping. But if you are good we can go “wishing”.

Wishing was a way to kill time in rainy Seattle while not having meltdowns at Toys R Us. We would go in for a preset amount of time and he could do whatever he wanted, look at whatever and play with whatever. We would not buy anything but he would add it to his list for birthdays and holidays. We actually did this A LOT and for him, it worked. We’d go wish for cars and rvs, boats and jetskis, animal shelters, etc. But you have to stay your ground about the whining and never ever buy anything.

4 – Contact your local girl scouts and see about hiring one to babysit so you can nap and/or shower. You don’t need to leave the house so you can still monitor the situation but shave your legs or read a trashy novel.

It gets better

Thank you anonymous Reddit for the silver!


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