Reddit Gold: “What will today’s babies’ generation hate about their parents’ generation when they get older?”

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Today’s post is from u/SuzQP who answers the question: “What will today’s babies’ generation hate about their parents’ generation when they get older?

Reddit Grandma here. It’s never what you expect.

Right now you’re worrying about not having enough of the qualities your own generation values. But that’s not at all what your kids and grandchildren will judge you on.

It’ll be something inverse of those qualities, like that you’re too hyper-aware of other people’s social identities. Perhaps they’ll say, “All the old people ever think about is race and gender!” Or else, “Your generation thinks somebody is a hero just because they’re gay. It’s so stupid, why don’t you value what a person achieves?” Or maybe they’ll hate that your generation is rife with anxiety and depression, and that you value compassion and empathy. They could say, “Oh my god, that bunch of old scaredy cat weaklings never stop whining about their precious feelings.

It could also be about your generational proclivity for consensus and agreement. They’d say, “These hive-minded senior citizens will never understand how we individualists think.” They might blame you for placing little value on power, money, and success. “Crazy old socialists ruined the country because they were too lazy to compete!”

See what I’m getting at? They won’t value what you think is valuable. Instead, they’ll blindside you by complaining that you’re too much of the things you’re now trying to be.


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