Reddit Gold: Why the LGBTQ community supports Hillary

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Today’s post is from u/BigEditorial who answers why the LGBTQ community supports Hillary.

love someone as Milquetoast as Hillary (Who didn’t support even gay marriage till like five years ago)

OK. I’m going to assume this is in good faith and you legitimately don’t know why the LGBTQ community, especially older members, supports Hillary.

The truth is that for decades, she was anything but a “milquetoast” ally of our rights. In the 90s, the Clinton administration was a huge breath of fresh air from the silence or antipathy of the Reagan and HW Bush years, especially during the AIDS crisis. Bill + Hillary visited the memorial AIDS quilt, they invited gay and lesbian activists to the White House and didn’t treat queer people like pariahs. It’s hard to remember now, but at the time, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was hugely controversial… because it was seen as a pro-gay policy and would lead to the end of military commanders trying to forcibly (or through trickery) out their gay soldiers.

HRC was the first sitting FLOTUS and first Senate candidate to march in a Pride parade (in 2000). As a Senator, she was a tireless voice for gay rights in order to do things like adopt children. Many younger LGBTQ people blasted her for her “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman” clip, but that line was part of a much larger speech against the Federal Marriage Amendment being proposed in Congress. This was in 2004, when a huge part of Bush’s reelection was panic over gay marriage.

As Secretary of State, her State Department started issuing passports to trans people with genders fitting their identity, and they tried to promote LGBTQ rights around the world.

Was she a perfect ally? No; as you said, she was slow to the party on gay marriage. But LGBTQ people have had, historically, many more issues and places where our rights are imperiled than just marriage, and for close to 30 years, Hillary was a visible and fierce advocate for queer rights.

This is a Twitter thread from an older lesbian activist with examples – and reciepts! – of the Clintons’ support for our community in the 90s and 00s, and how it was so different from what had come before it.

I ask you to please read it. And understand that queer people, especially older ones, had tons of reason to love Hillary.


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