Reddit Gold: How you can help the people in Hong Kong

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Today’s post is from u/Gusearth who answers the question: “How can we help the people in Hong Kong?

How we can help

If you want to help the people in Hong Kong and are US, EU or UK citizen, you can urge your representative to pass:

• ⁠[US] Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019 [H.R. 3289, S. 1838]. You can use this website to send a pre-composed letter.

• ⁠[EU] Joint Motion for a Resolution on the situation in Hong Kong RC-9-2019-0013_EN.

• ⁠[UK] Petition to the UK government to uphold the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration petition.

• [Elsewhere] You can write a message to the government of Hong Kong through Amnesty International. It’s only a small gesture, but quick and easy to do.

• [Elsewhere] Here is a list of companies that have bowed to China’s various censorship demands, over Hong Kong and other issues. Try your best to boycott these.

• ⁠Otherwise, just spread the word about the situation in Hong Kong to people you know. That’s already very helpful.

This is an example of when your involvement has helped the people of Hong Kong.

We really appreciate your help!


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