Reddit Gold: u/cutecat004 describes gender dysphoria to cisgender people

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Today’s post is from u/cutecat004 who describes gender dysphoria to cisgender people.

Hi. Trans man here. First off, the trans movement has gotten very disorted via a very vocal minority. Eventually that turned into many people conflating gender with gender expression.

Trans people experince something called gender dysphoria, which is a neurological conditon (possibly caused by epigenetics and hormone exposure in utero) that causes your brain to resemble that of the opposite sex. This causes your brain to essentially expect the sex characteristics of the opposite sex, which causes extreme distress.

A lot of trans people are very uncomfortable talking the nitty gritty of their dysphoria, so they use gender roles as shorthand. But, if you don’t mind, I’ll talk specifics here (if anyone knows how to put a spoiler on reddit lmk).

From the time I was little I hated my lower anatomy. It’s always felt like a gaping hole, like something is missing. Sometimes I experince a phantom penis, and if I shut my eyes I can almost feel normal for a minute. My chest is even more painful. Because theres no hiding it. When I was younger I used to wish I’d get breast cancer so they’d cut them off. I’ve self harmed on them myself, and spent many many hours sobbing over the fact that my body just looks wrong. Theres a lot of things I don’t like about how I look, but its focused on sex characteristics. I like my face, and sometimes I even like how I look in clothes. But when I undress it all comes rushing back. It’s just all these things that add up to “you’ll never be a real boy”. But I can’t be a girl because that means having to forever live with that pain.


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