Reddit Gold: u/PoppinKREAM reveals his real-life job and why he started writing summaries of political events as a hobby.

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Today’s post is from u/PoppinKREAM who reveals his real-life job and why he started writing summaries of political events as a hobby.

I’m actually just about to head out the door to work lol. My field of work is sports related and I have 3 training sessions tonight. I have previously mentioned that my field of study is anthropology while my field of work is sports related. Without going into too much detail my work includes but is not limited to; organizing charity sports tournaments, developing a non-profit organization that helps children from low income families participate in sports programs free of charge, and running a sports academy that provides a safe and fun learning environment for kids with developmental and intellectual disabilities. While I try to do my best in helping others in real life I think it’s also important to try and help the world as best I can. I recognize that my summaries aren’t going to reach everyone, but I feel I need to at least try to do something positive.

Now you’re probably wondering why I write summaries online as a hobby. Well I believe there are serious divides across the political spectrum and misinformation plays a large role in exacerbating the situation. I believe calmer heads making informed decisions is important in creating a better society. I firmly believe that engaged and informed individuals working together towards a collective, positive change can make a significant difference. The degradation of democratic norms and the pillars that Western democracy is predicated upon are under constant assault from the Trump administration and online disinformation campaigns across the globe. We are living under precarious circumstances with an unclear and rocky future. I write sourced comments as a means to provide easy to access information for others to read and dig into.


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