Reddit Gold: u/siamese_snowcrash provides an easy-to-understand summary of the Ukraine scandal

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Today’s post is from u/siamese_snowcrash who provides an easy-to-understand summary of the Ukraine scandal.

So Imma try and ELI12 this for myself and others that balk at walls of text but want to follow along. Tell me if I get this right.

2014-2016 – Ukraine got invaded by Russia, and other countries want to help. It’s hard because there is corruption (aid money ends up in being funneled to oligarch’s bank account). The guy who was supposed to investigate this (a prosecutor named Shokin) was also corrupt and actively hurting the investigation so the US and other countries giving aid want him fired.

2016 – Ukrainian politicians fire Shokin under pressure. They hire Lutsenko for the job so other countries can give aid again. Our US ambassador to the Ukraine, Maria Yovanovitch, blasts this new hire as also corrupt.

Spring 2019 – So Donald Trump makes an deal! He gets his lawyer (Giuliani) to tell the new guy, Lutsenko, that we will fire our ambassador in exchange for him saying a bunch of stuff about Joe Biden and his son. But there is a problem …

Later Spring 2019 – Ukraine elects a new anti-corruption president, Zelensky, who fires Lutsenko. The potential deal is bust. Trump sends Giuliani to go talk with these new guys but they aren’t into it.

Summer 2019 – Trump calls Zelensky personally and tries to make the same deal. Except now he is holding up all that aid money that was supposed to go to the Ukraine. This is the “whistle-blower call”.

TLDR/Today – These guys, Parnas and Fruman are indicted for … campaign money laundering? Part of that seems to be fundraising for a congress member in exchange for help firing the US ambassador to Ukraine. This is why they are being referred to as Giuliani’s “fixers”. People are excited because they may have/give info that will help the impeachment inquiry.


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