Reddit Gold: u/UnavailableUsername_ explains why you should require a medical diagnosis to identify as trans

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Today’s post is from u/UnavailableUsername_ who explains why you should require a medical diagnosis to identify as trans

This is the problem with erasing a medical criteria.

Allow me to explain, as a transgender person myself:

In the past, you required proper diagnose from professionals in the medical field (see: psychologist and psychiatrist) before you could start transitioning. Sometimes you needed even 2 years or so with a psychologists/psychiatrist with experience on gender before you could be given the OK to start hormones.

The diagnose was called Gender dysphoria or “gender identity disorder” to be more technical.

But now, many “woke” extremists activists demand that anyone can be transgender, no question or criteria needed. They think ask for ANY KIND of criteria (medical or not) to be considered transgender is considered “gatekeeping” and bigotry.

And the APA has fallen to the pressure of these activists, by removing gender identity disorder as a diagnosis from the DSM-V. There is no scientific or medical explanation that justifies this decision, just activism pressure. This is not new, the APA fell to conservative pressure in the 1950’s when they declared that “homosexual people are abnormal, pathological deviants”, the APA has a history of falling to social pressure rather than stick to factual medical diagnosis.

These activist shame transgender people that think proper medical and scientific diagnosis should still be required by calling them “transmedicalists”.

Transmedicalist: “A trans person that is a bigot for daring to stand with medical science proper diagnosis and facts.”

Colleges, in their quest to be woke and super progressive, are silencing scientific research that shows the lack of proper diagnosis of transgender people can cause them to do a transition they will regret.

They are scared of being called bigots or, if transgender, “transmedicalists bigots” for sticking to the medical diagnosis criteria.


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