Reddit Gold: u/Jessielieb12 dispels some myths about HIV

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Today’s post is from u/Jessielieb12 who dispels some myths about HIV.

Hi, as an hiv positive person it’s a little disheartening to see so much misinformation about hiv in this thread so I hope it’s ok for me to explain a little bit!
1. Anyone can contract HIV
2. Medicine has come a long way, hiv is no longer a death sentence. With meds and care, an hiv positive person can become undetectable which means they can’t infect another person and also the amount of virus in their body is low enough to where it doesn’t effect the immune system
3. HIV can only be spread through blood and some other body fluids such as vaginal secretions and semen. It cannot be spread through tears, saliva, or sweat.
4. Hiv positive people are not “dirty” or “sluts” or anything like that, a lot of people with hiv haven’t even had sex. There are a number of ways to contact it and most of the times, the people spreading it don’t know they have it. It only takes one encounter to become positive unfortunately.
However, quality of life for hiv positive people is exactly the same as negative people now thanks to medicine! So that’s great

EDIT: it should be said that I live in the US and get my meds for free through a non profit. If I downplayed HIV I’m very sorry. It is still an extremely serious disease. That does not mean, however, that people with hiv cant be happy or healthy. Thank you for all, I didn’t think this would blow up at all.

EDIT 2: Also! There’s a thing called prep which is medicine you can take everyday that can protect you from contracting hiv (of course always use condoms and other forms of protection this is just an added step) if you have sex with someone and say a condom breaks or such, there is also PEP which can prevent it after the fact I think up to 2 days after exposure.


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