Thredd has been updated!

Here's what's new:

Thredd now opens as an overlay on your page so you can go to a different page and come back without losing your place. Here’s a demonstration:

Old version

Leaving the page closes Thredd so you'd have to re-do everything

New version

You can now leave the page and come back without losing your place!

The new permissions that Thredd requested were to enable this feature. Don’t worry! Thredd’s privacy policy is still the same: No tracking. Period.

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Questions or concerns with the latest update?

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Version 1.2.0:

– Thredd opens in an overlay instead of a little window! Significantly improves the experience of using Thredd.

Version 1.1.3:

– Reddit button doesn’t always redirect for some reason. Stopped depending on redirects and just used the full link.
– Re-worded and adjusted positions of some buttons to reduce or increase their importance

Version 1.1.0:

– Added a “Why is this post relevant?” button so people can quickly find the relevant comment or determine if a post is a link submission.

Version 1.0.1:

– Subreddit profile pictures were slowing down Thredd. Downloaded them in batches to significantly improve performance.

Version 1.0.0:

– Bumping Thredd out of beta versions to reflect the fact that major bugs have been resolved
– Thredd notification will flash for 1-2 seconds to make it slightly more noticeable without being too annoying
– Notification can be disabled from the Options page

Version 0.8.127:

– Added a profile picture for each subreddit. This makes the different subreddit’s personalities more visually apparent.

Version 0.8.126:

– More fixes related to the bug where Thredd is loading forever. See here for u/iVarun’s bug report.

Version 0.8.122-0.8.125:

– Fixes related to the bug where Thredd is loading forever. See here for u/iVarun’s bug report.
– Fix #1: Stopped depending on lscache for keeping track of anonymous requester expiration (just in case lscache is not working)
– Fix #2: Added rule to flush lscache each time background.js runs to prevent localStorage filling up
– Fix #3: This is most likely dealing with the actual issue: added an expiration time to submissions in localStorage so they don’t stick around forever.
– changes to manifest.json (name, short_name, and description)

Version 0.8.121:

– NEW LOGO! The extension icon has been changed as a result. Click here for images.
– This page opens when you update.
– An uninstall survey page is opened upon uninstall.