How to use Thredd

Thredd is so simple. Just use the Internet as you normally would! Thredd finds communities that are also interested in the same content and displays them in a convenient window.

For example, let’s imagine that we were looking for guitar lessons and ended up on YouTube.

Thredd has found 10 discussions about this YouTube channel. Clicking the icon will open/close Thredd.

Whenever Thredd finds a match for your current page, a red square will appear over the icon in the top-right of your screen. Click it to reveal the results.

Most of these results are very relevant to a new guitar player.

The discussions Thredd finds will be displayed in this window. Click any of them to read the responses or check out the forums (names starting with “r/“) for even more content.

Forum names start with "r/" to help you identify them. Curious what r/Guitar is all about? Hover over it to read a short description!

Most discussions are posted in a forum (indicated by “r/“). You can read more about the forums by hovering over them. There are over 1 million forums each with their own unique purpose so you’re bound to find something for you!

Click on this icon...
... to end up on this page!

Read any comments people left behind by clicking the comment icon.

You can reply to either the original post or to each individual comment.

Leave behind your own responses using the provided reply box or by clicking the “Reply” button underneath each comment (a Reddit account is required in order to write comments).

How to Create a Post

If you want to start your own discussion, click the “Create Post” button. (You may need to log in with a Reddit account)

The "Create Post" option is available even when Thredd does not find any results.

From here you can come up with a catchy title that’ll get people to engage with your post.

You’ll also need to choose which community your post should appear in. Don’t know where to do that? Just select your Reddit username (mine is u/sirius_li).

Posting to your profile will limit your audience but other Thredd users will still see it!

If you have an idea of where you’d like to share your post, start typing in the “Search communities” field and Thredd will search for similar forums.

Start typing "guitars" and you'll see suggestions for communities to post in.

After clicking “Submit,” your post will appear in the home window and is visible to everyone else using Thredd!