Thank You!

Thank you for installing Thredd! This page will provide a quick tutorial on how to use your new plugin.

How to use Thredd

Thredd automatically finds relevant discussions about your current page and displays them in a convenient window.

Whenever Thredd finds conversations about your current page, a red square will appear over the icon in the top-right of your screen. Click it to read what other people are saying!

In the above GIF we can see that Thredd’s results are very informative, with testimonials about the current page and recommendations for other guitar teachers.

Thredd helps you discover the best content

Thredd will also tell you which web pages are the most useful if you have to decide between multiple options. For example, if I’m searching for “beginner guitar songs” I’ll get many competing search results:

The Thredd logo next to a Google result tells us how often that page has been shared around the Internet

Thredd will tell me which resources are actually useful. I can click the links Thredd recommends and read what people have said about that page!

Customizing Thredd

You can turn off any feature of Thredd that you want by going to the Options page. If you think an option is missing feel free to send me a message!

What's next?

Just use the Internet like you normally would and see what you stumble across! The following pages all have interesting Thredd discussions that you can check out for ideas: